Our Customers

Corporate Events

HKJC Christmas Floral Jamming Workshop

Hong Kong Jockey Club [Floral Jam]

Bekaert Team Building Event with Group Collage

Bekaert [Group Collage]

Curel Floral Jamming Workshop

Curel [Floral Jam & Boutique]

Joyce Beauty Floral Jamming Workshop

Joyce Beauty [Floral Jam & Boutique]

Blush Corporate Event for SignatureHomes

SignatureHomes [Floral Jam]

Blush Corporate Event for East Hotel

East Hotel [Floral Jam]

Blush Events Investment Bank

Investment Bank [Paint Jam]

Blush Events Ohel Leah Synagogue Mother's Day

Ohel Leah Synagogue [Floral Jam]

Blush Corporate Events New World

New World [Paint Jam]

Blush Events Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin [Floral]

Blush Events HKJC

Hong Kong Jockey Club [Floral Jam]

Blush Corporate Events Cookie Decoration

HKJC [Cookie Decoration]

Individual Events

Blush Events - Cute Babies

Cute Babies!

Blush Events Bridal Shower Floral Jam

Bridal Shower [Floral Jam]

Blush Events Group Collage Team Building with Art

Team Building with Art

Blush Events Bridal Shower Cookie Decoration Class

Bridal Shower [Cookie Decoration]