Sensory Course - Suitable for 3 - 4 years old (Toddlers)

Objective: self expression and exploration of different mediums

Fun course letting toddlers explore different materials to create and express themselves in their own ways. At this age, toddlers need the chance to experiment and try different things, especially when it comes to arts and being creative. With this 'sensory' class they will explore how to use paint, crayons, colors in unconventional ways, painting with different materials other than just brushes.

This is a good way to initiate themselves in the creative world!

Mixed Media Works

Materials: acrylic, watercolor, poster color, tempera, canvases, papers, plastics, stamps, sponges, tubes, plastic bags, brushes, etc.

5 Lessons

once a week (MON/ WED/ FRI)

1 hour/ class

$250/ lesson 

Fee: $1250

Starts: July 11th

Ends: August 12th

*Some materials must be brought by the students.